Saturday, June 11, 2016

Speed up scales. Um... these need work.
Finger mechanics. I've forgotten over the years how good it feels to stretch my fingers like this. I need to do this ALL THE TIME.
30DtD Danza. I think I got all the arrangements done as far as replacing the alternating 10ths. Difficult on harp, how do they even play this on the piano.
30DtD LGR. This is a really hard freakin' piece. Worked hard on two small sections and ran out of energy. Need to do this one first tomorrow!
Section of Automne. Sort of got one?
This was another 3 hours! There is not enough time to do what I want. Also, my stamina was shot.

Section of Grey Donkeys. Didn't even get to this.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Start scales week 2. I was a little disappointed by how slowly I'm playing, however I have all week to speed up. My right thumb still gets my bicep in on the action.
Finger mechanics
Day 3 of 30DtD with LGR. I'm not sure this is the best way of reviving this. I am getting a little more familiar with it again. It's just really hard to play this one hands apart. Although maybe it'd be a really good counting exercise. Also trying numbering my dynamics. I also have problems playing separate dynamics in each hand.
Day 2 of 30DtD with Danza. I did the first and last sections. Thank goodness for music that repeats.
Work on memorizing Automne with dynamics. I went through my chart and figured out what I need to work on. Dynamics were suspiciously easy to play around with.
Work on one section of Grey Donkeys. At this point I had been practicing for almost 3 hours. And I worked on three chords instead of the six measures in that section.

All this with a headache, too.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Finish scales week 1
Finger mechanics
30 DtD on LGR - ran out of time
30 DtD on Danza
Ran out of time (1 hr or practicing)                      
Automne section
Grey Donkeys section

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Scale mechanics
Finger Independence
1st 30DtD exercise with LGR - not sure how much "practice" with hands apart I did. It's hard not to work on details.
Pick something else I don't know at all for 30DtD? or use it for Automne or Grey Donkeys? I will be working on Danza La Pastora by Hafftler. It's got a lot of repetition and I really like it.
Do repertoire sorting later. I sorted the "love" pile into "like" and "love" and realized I don't really ever play anymore; I practice. I also now have music all over my floor. Week 1 done.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly phone call
Scale Mechanics
Week 1 of Repertoire

Call done
Still going through music, may need to sort into "like" and "love" piles
Scales - this time rt thumb was weak again. 3rd fingers on both hands hit nail.?

Still too hot to really play.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Eat all the strawberries. Done.
Oh right, harp stuff.
Scale mechanics week 1 (thru Thurs)
I smacked my left elbow pretty dang hard at work, so I'm just doing scales today. And it's really hot.
Read more of Sound in Motion as that doesn't require too much motion.
Plan re-recording based on previous times recorded* to learn pieces.
Look for Bear McCreary sheet music.


Scale mechanics with varying rhythms. Right thumb is fine today. Lt hand, not so much, but not surprising.
The previous times I recorded were not helpful because I didn't actually put dates on them. I may try "30 days to done" (ack! which seems to be gone), OH! or the brand new "Music Repertoire Builder Challenge"!!! Or look through the Kaleidoscope practice at the sample charts.
Maybe read Sound in Motion later tonight.
Printed out sample sheet. Looks like just BSG book exists. Ordered from Amazon in a heat-induced delirium, canceled order the next day, ordered through ILL. If it works for the harp, then I will order it.

* or noted, both bad puns, but accurate.