Friday, January 10, 2014

May have blisters, so only played an hour in order to save fingers for recording tomorrow. Hopefully I stopped in time.

Drilled Chaconne in prep for tomorrow.

Warmed up with (Inquietude).

Things that delayed my practice:
One light bulb in ceiling fixture burned out.  Got chair. Stood on chair to remove light covering. Went to wash dead bugs out of covering and get light bulb. Sighed at full sink of dishes. Did dishes before washing cover. Cover washed. Removed old light bulb, installed new light bulb.  Discarded empty light bulb packaging, put chair away.  Walked back into room, which was decidedly too bright.  Went and got chair, discarded packaging, and lesser wattage light bulb.  Removed cover, installed new bulb, replaced cover. Put away chair, discarded new packaging.  Walked back into room, other light bulb burned out.  Went and got chair and original bulb.  Removed light cover, removed old bulb, installed original higher wattage new bulb, replaced cover.  Put chair away and practiced in a too-bright room.  This is why I have trouble getting things done.

Thursday, January 9, 2014