Friday, July 1, 2016

Write and send 2 wedding summary/contract
Reply to recording email
Put clips online
Conditioning Exercises
Goldfish - played at 50 need to listen to recording. It's not bad!
30DtD LGR - Did 2nd to last day. I still seriously mess this up.
Listen to LGR recording - didn't concentrate on whether there were consistent errors.
30Dtd LGR - last day. It is just a mess. Summary of 30DtD process: It's really hard to know that after all the work I put in it still sounds like crap. Working on the dynamic details was helpful - it helped get me over that hump in my normal learning process. This might have worked better doing one piece at a time.
Automne - finished a section and got the 1st large section to the point where I can keep playing if I mess up.
Pick days for practice perf
Read through/research Prog book

Over the past few days:
Did Conditioning Exercises
30 DtD LGR - figured out I'm still too thumk-y in the first part. played around with making that go away. Need to record and mark spots again.
Automne - got more sections done. Almost done with it!
Booked a wedding

Yesterday was a long day and I skipped any practicing.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Figure out how much work I'd have to do to have another practice performance, then schedule it.