Saturday, December 12, 2015

Too tired to really do too much. A little bit of double notes, a little bit of review of old pieces.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Fiddle Friday

Did Introduction To Bowing and Introduction To Fingering Lesson 1. Introduction to Fingering Lesson 2 seems to be missing. Played Mary Had A Little Lamb in the key of D major.
RH trills with Tambourin and LH with Poetic Studies.

Went through the rest of Medieval to Modern. Yikes.

knocked out several more measures on Prelude 4.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Using the new practice session structure yesterday I worked on scales from Poetical Studies, ran through Preludes Intimes, and worked on Srebotnjak's Prelude 4.

Notes on the session: I want more speed out of my scales, but can't do that until I've warmed up? It takes a while and takes too much time out of my limited practice time? Will I loosen up over time to the point where I can sit down and bang out some scales quickly? I need to learn the last 2 Prelude Intimes.

Today, I worked on arpeggios from Poetical Studies. I ran through Solfegietto and the first few pieces in Medieval to Modern. Ran out of time.

Notes: My hands feel great.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sos. Or, "Wow" - with my fingers on the correct keys (although SOS could be appropriate) - I didn't write here that I finished the first draft of my album, ie I got Giga recorded.

However, it's crap, and I'm going to have to re-record it. Editing is underway, which is how I know Giga is crap. Some other things are crap, too, but that may be ok because my microphone was broken during that session.

After getting my album "done", I slipped on practicing (hence the "SOS").  I found a couple resources that helped get me inspired to practice again: which is a website run by Anne Sullivan who blogs helpfully and frequently about being better at the harp, and which is a website created by Jason the Fiddlehed who teaches fiddle through multitudinous youtube videos where you can find lesson plans and strategies as well as an extremely helpful daily lesson outline.  Both are extremely encouraging teachers.

Today, I'm running a little behind in my schedule, so I only got to warm up and work a little on Prelude 4.  I'm going to try going over pieces I already know in future sessions, as recommended on fiddlehed as well as an article I read about Salzedo that said he went though an entire recital repertoire once a week.