Saturday, June 1, 2013

My right thumb is back to hurting just as much as it was. I guess I really can't squeeze my hand into the uncommonly tiny upper register of my harp. So good-bye to Folk Song 2, and possibly 1.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Muscles, tendons, or cysts?

My hands are better. In particular, my right thumb.  I cannot tell if it is due to:
A. Starting my physical therapy exercises back up and doing them consistently,
B. Whatever I was doing yesterday (opening a jar? I seriously can't remember) that severely torqued my thumb and made me gasp in pain, and reminded my body that that area needed some healing, or
C. Whatever I was doing yesterday possibly popped a heretofore unknown cyst in my thumb joint.

My left thumb joint has absolutely no pain, and my right thumb joint is mildly painful, and the pain is only present if I squeeze the joint hard.

So I was able to practice today a little better than I have for the past week. I've been half-heartedly playing/practicing because my head was completely not in it. I had to do the "try it for 5 minutes" trick every day, and every day I stopped after five minutes (that's five minutes in harp time, which is more like 15, due to settling in and warming up). Today was a little better, but my concentration was... laughable.

Zarabanda - I got a few phrases checked off. It's weird working in phrases because it makes so much sense and why would my brain default to doing something that made sense?

Imp Cap - one more line