Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yesterday, I poured a significant quantity of simmering water on my left hand, leaving me with no desire to do anything with it but to stick it between two ice packs.  However, I really wanted to play and had big plans before the scalding, so I wrote music instead. It was a good compromise - I spent more mental than physical effort.

Today it's been blasted hot outside and in, so even though my hand is almost completely healed (!), I had no energy to play.  So I wrote more. And then practiced a little because my hands were stiff and simply screaming at me to play. 

And now I'm a bit wrung out and feel the need to recline on the couch with a mister bottle.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prelude 5: Worked on detail spots.
Prelude 3: Played trouble spot slowly a few times.
Looking Glass River: Played through once very slowly. It doesn't seem like it will be too challenging, however, I read about someone else who had learned it and it took them a year.