Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just warm up. Zarabanda extra notes are to give the impression of a sustained note, but I'm not sure if it works. Record with and without.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Prelude 3: got 2 measures further, almost.

Insónia: played with dynamics and "swing". Proper slow fast is more difficult to achieve, but more necessary?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crocheting is not a less fatiguing substitute for knitting. Shaky, shaky hands.


Listened to Insónia and put in dynamic markings. We'll see if they help.

Going to compare Zarabanda versions later on this evening. Or I guess I should say "night".

List of Recording Locations

Studio recording final today. Completely dozy today and having a hard time getting going.

List of cathedral-y/historic churches (can I make a custom map?):
Westminster Presbyterian NE 16th & Hancock, variable times, chimes at noon and 5pm, daycare/preschool in mornings and afternoons, $50/hr, Rose City Park United Methodist 503.281.1229
First Unitarian Church SW 12th & Salmon
Brook Hill Historic Church 11539 NW Skyline Boulevard 503.629.9700, very busy street (!), evenings are better, call for times and pricing when I know how much time I need.
First United Methodist Church SW 18th & Jefferson - Mookie contacting? but on bus and max route
First Congregational Church SW Park & Madison
Central Lutheran Church NE 21st & Hancock
Oaks Pioneer Church SE 13th & Tacoma
St. James Lutheran Church SW Park & Jefferson
The Old Church SW 11th & Clay - Can't hear myself on stage, on bus and max route, $35/hr to record
Ascension Episcopal Parish SW Vista & Spring (SW of downtown)
First Baptist Church SW 12th & Taylor (streetcar)
Zion Lutheran Church SW 18th & Salmon (Max)
Mizpah Presbyterian Church SE 24th & Tamarack Ladd's Addition private residence?
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church NW 19th & Savier Left message 8/25 Could be a possibility - highway 30 right next to it so need to go check it out. Available during the week or Sun afternoon or evening. No A/C.
First Presbyterian Church SW 12th & Alder (bus routes) Left message 8/25  Not great acoustics, recommended Trinity Episcopal Cathedral NW 19th & Davis, St. Mary's Cathedral NW 17th & Davis
Old Scotch Church Off 26 past Rockcreek Hillsboro Office hours: 9-1 T-F Very helpful person answered the phone - they don't usually allow recording because of the work involved, ie staff extra hours. Not something I would have thought of. Gave me a recommendation for St. Matthew Catholic Church. Thank you!
Saint Sharbel Church Ladd's Addition emailed 8/25
St Philip Neri Catholic Church Ladd's Addition
St. Stephen's Catholic Church SE 41st & Taylor
Holy Trinity Cathedral Ne 31st & Glisan

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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Zarabanda: Trying to re-memorize. It's ok if it's slow going!

Prelude 1: Pushed up to 152 again, then back down to 120 and it was a little easier. But still need to work on loud arpeggios. I can play them quietly, but then I don't get the intense sound that section seems to call for.

Prelude 2: Played with and without metronome. Just needs polishing and paying attention while playing.

Prelude 3: Need to keep up what I've worked on.

Insónia: Ran through, need to put explicit dynamic markings in after listening to recordings.

Too hot to record today - the fan would have drown everything out.