Saturday, September 19, 2015

I've been working on little sections of Impromptu by Lex van Delden because I'm so sick of Giga.  I'm hoping it's a good thing that I'm "setting it aside" for a little while. Hopefully, all the dynamic and musical things will percolate and it will be perfect when I pick it back up again. 

I almost couldn't make myself play today, so I did the CBT thing of "try it for 5 minutes". I lasted longer than 5 minutes, but not by much.  I did play fiddle a little bit after that, and that was fun.  I'm still working on trying to play the notes in tune.

I also sight-read a little bit of Joaquin Turina's Tocata y Fuga arr. Nicanor Zabaleta (thank you, MultCoLib and Vassar College ILL depts) and will probably order it.  I like the pieces and they are arranged REALLY well.  I always wonder when that happens (Dewey Owens anyone?) if the arranger had the same size hands as me, or if they had really bendy fingers like me.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Results of exaggerating:
- Listen to original Berceuse, more strictly in time and sounds ok.
- Don't pause between measures in Berceuse, make sure glisses dissolve into notes properly.
- Sped up Giga in audacity, don't like the over exaggeration, but some things sound good. Maybe incorporate regular phrasing instead of exaggerated.
- Prelude 2 sounds good, just need to record 3x to find errors and FIX ERRORS.