Friday, January 12, 2018

Sonatina Prodigio

I started Sonatina Prodigio on June 18, 2017. It was a piece I had "learned" before. As in, I could play it slowly and badly, and just the first movement "Gagliarda". I worked pretty steadily on it through July and August.

It took me 11 days of focused learning in "Week 1" of "30 Days to Done" to get it to a passable level, in my opinion. Or a level where I could continue to work on it and actually progress.

I got bogged down at the end of August/beginning of September, or "Week 2", trying to improve the small sections again. I ended up stopping because I just couldn't focus that hard anymore after 15 days. I picked it back up in mid-October.

Then I worked steadily through to today, January 12, 2018, excepting Christmas holiday. I picked it right back up after that, surprisingly.

Gagliarda is definitely in much better shape than when I originally "learned" it. It's very wobbly, though.

Calzone haha! Canzone is fine. Maybe needs a little work on the harmonics.

Toccata needs to be memorized in order to flow. It goes so quickly that I can't find my place on the music when I need a reminder. It's pretty repetitive and I do have most of it memorized. The glisses need to be in time, as well.

Now I just need to play it a whole bunch, then set it aside for a while.