Friday, November 11, 2016

30 DtD Giga. Research - The Giga I'm playing is from Opus 5, and it is Sonata no9. It was published in 1700 and Corelli was apparently key in developing the Sonata into the form it is today. This was a time of ornamentation in music, and there are different versions, one possibly written by Corelli himself. I have no idea what ornamentations are in the version I'm playing. I like this description from the CD description at Bridge Records: "often lavish and warm-hearted character of Corelli’s oeuvre".

 30 DtD Chaconne. Couldn't get it together today.

It was also I good thing I wrote on my calendar that today is repertoire day.  I played so much today my arms and hands are actually sore. That doesn't happen very often. Some of my repertoire needs work. Some of it sounds great.

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