Wednesday, September 21, 2016

30DtD Prelude 4. Research - From two sources: In 1944, the Society of Slovene Composers was founded and seemed to be instrumental (HA!) in promoting Slovene composers to the greater music world. Alozj Srebotnjak is considered one of the most respected and renowned Slovene composers because of his prolificness.  In the early 60s, music in Slovenia took a huge leap forward due to citizens being allowed to travel and composers studying in other countries. Avant-garde was the style of choice for that music scene and "Over the next two decades, it thrived with a large body of high quality, adventurous music that in quantity was far more than might have been expected from such a small group of composers." Niall O’Loughlin  Srebotnjak didn't embrace the new postmodern style of the next generation of composers as much as his contemporaries, but continued as he had, incorporating ideas from folk music.  Classical compositions with nods to folk music were prevalent right after WWII.  Interesting!

30DtD Tambourin. Couldn't quite get the E pedal change. Need to practice it slowly - change on beat 2 before single note, and change back ON the chord. Only got through page 1.

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