Saturday, June 25, 2016

Still having weird memory problems today. We'll see how this goes.
Scales are done!!!
Finger mechanics - break out Conditioning Exercises?
Work on memorizing Goldfish? Need to set up a practice chart like 30DtD
30DtD LGR (final week!) - record, listen and mark. That was a lot of work. First take was awful. In general the 1st section needs to be smoother like the 3rd section. It sounds thumpy. The waveforms are also smoother in the 3rd section than the 1st. In the middle, the right hand needs to be brought out more. Also, really emphasis dynamics. There are a lot of gasps that need to be smoothed out by more confidence.
30DtD Danza? Not sure I want to continue with this.
Automne - got a few more sections sort of memorized
Look through wedding music
Set up another practice performance
1. Set list
2. Practice set list - memorized

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