Monday, July 4, 2011

Prelude 2: Test recording showed things - my hands are not together, nor my fingers, and dynamics are too loud. I also completely messed up a section, but the average listener would not have been able to tell because a) it's modern and b) I stayed on the beat! Counting is definitely working.

Prelude 1: Tried to play to speed. Finally made peace with the fact that I can't play it at speed. Played ♩ = 96. Then, for kicks, set metronome at 126 and played it almost perfectly with one false start. WTF. Of course I was not recording.

Prelude 3: Started on 2nd page.

Zarabanda: Back was stiff at this point so stopped. Which reminds me I need to go stretch.

Breathing and relaxing is helpful.

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